Triangle Park Historical Marker Day Photos

Ohio Historical Society Historical Marker Unveiling Triangle Park,
Dayton, Ohio
Saturday, April 30, 2005

Dayton Triangle Park Historical Marker
(Image courtesy of Steven Presar)

Ohio Historical Marker Inscription:

Site of the First Game in the NFL

On October 3, 1920 the first game matching two professional teams in the league that was to become the National Football League (NFL) was held on this field within Triangle Park. In that first game, the Dayton Triangles defeated the Columbus Panhandles 14-0. The Triangles’ Lou Partlow scored the first touchdown and George “Hobby” Kinderdine kicked the first extra point. The Dayton Triangles team was sponsored by three factories founded by Dayton businessmen Edward Deeds and Charles Kettering. The factories: Dayton Engineering Laboratories Company (DELCO), Dayton Metal Products Company (D.M.P. Co.) and Domestic Engineering Company (DECO, later called Delco-Light) formed an industrial triangle of plants in downtown Dayton, Ohio.

Montgomery County Historical Society
Bank One
The Ohio Historical Society


Claudia Watson, Montgomery County Historical Society
(Image courtesy of Steven Presar)
Mike Ring, Ohio Historical Society
(Image courtesy of Steven Presar)
Dayton Mayor, Rhine McLin (left)
(Image courtesy of Steven Presar)
Marker Unveiling, the local Eagle Youth Football & T-Bolt Youth Football teams
(Image courtesy of Steven Presar)
Dayton Triangle Park Historical Marker crowd
(Image courtesy of Steven Presar)
Steven Presar being interviewed on unveiling day April 30, 2005
(Image courtesy of Steven Presar)

Dayton Historical Marker
Triangle Park Football Playing Field Today and in the 1920’s

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