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Team Photos:
1916 Team
1919 Team Photo & Record
1920 Team Photo & Record

1918 Norb Sacksteder Caricature
George Henry “Hobby” Kinderdine
Leland Everette “Lee” Fenner
Lou Partlow
Mack Hummon Triangle team jersey
Player / Coach Nelson “Bud” Talbott

Program Covers:
1922 vs. Minneapolis Marines
1925 vs. Green Bay Packers
1925 vs. New York Giants
1927 vs. Green Bay Packers – Sept
1927 vs. Green Bay Packers – Nov
1928 vs. Green Bay Packers

8 Things You Should Know About the Dayton Triangles
A Colorful Game: Names are in the Book
Dayton Overwhelms NFL with its Embrace of Triangles
How to get from Dayton to Indianapolis…
NFL Roots Run Deep in Dayton
Overlooked Superstar’s Case for the Hall of Fame
Pro Football’s Cradle Rocks in Triangle Park History
Significance in the Formation of the NFL
War Year: 1918 (unofficial national pro football champs)
Where it all Started…

Dayton APFA-NFL Franchise Summary
Dayton APFA-NFL Clubs: Official Games 1920-1929
Team Seasons & Won / Loss Records

Triangle Park:
Dayton Historical Marker (Thank you to all who contributed)
Historical Marker in Triangle Park (marker wording)
Triangle Park Historical Marker Day (Saturday, April 30, 2005 photos)
1920s Football Locker Room Building at Triangle Park
Triangle Park Football Playing Field Today & in the 1920s
NFL Cincinnati Bengals Youth Football Clinic in Dayton, Ohio

Oorang Indians:
Oorang Indians: One of the First Teams
Oorang Indians: Legendary Team Called LaRue (Ohio) Home

1989 Letter from Pro Football Hall of Fame
2020 Proclamation from the City of Dayton
2005 Proclamation from the State of Ohio
2005 Proclamation from the Ohio Historical Society
2005 Proclamation from the City of Dayton