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The Dayton Triangles Story:

Dayton Triangle Players Earn Recognition
Triangles Develop into Champs
Professional Football Organized
Rough Times Fall on the Homegrown Team
Dayton's Triangles Impact on Early Records
Dayton's Triangles Team Seasons


WHERE IT ALL STARTED; What's now known as the NFL began with a game between the Dayton Triangles and Columbus Panhandles

NFL Roots Run Deep in Dayton

A War Year: 1918
Red Grange Interview 1927
Red Grange Game Against the Triangles, October 2, 1927
Dayton Triangles and Hammond Clabbys: 1918

How to get an NFL team from Dayton to Indianapolis... Boston, New York, Dallas, Hershey and Baltimore

Lou Partlow

Newspaper Game Accounts:

Dayton St. Mary’s Cadets and Congerville AC, October 11, 1914
Dayton Triangles at Chicago Cardinals, November 09, 1924, Chicago Chicago Tribune
Dayton Triangles at Buffalo All-Americans, November 27, 1921, Buffalo Evening Times
Dayton at Buffalo, November 28, 1921, Dayton Daily News
Buffalo at Dayton, October 27, 1922, Dayton Daily News
Buffalo All-Americans at Dayton Triangles, October 29, 1922, Buffalo Daily Courier
Buffalo at Dayton, October 30, 1922, Dayton Daily News
Triangles at Chicago Cardinals, October 09, 1927, Chicago Tribune
Triangles at Providence Steam Rollers, 10/24/27, Chicago Tribune

Game Summaries:

APFA-NFL Franchise Summary
Dayton Triangles vs. APFA-NFL Clubs: Official Games 1920-1929

Dayton Triangles & Buffalo All-Americans, November 27, 1921
Dayton Triangles & Buffalo All-Americans, October 29, 1922
Dayton Triangles & Buffalo All-Americans, November 18, 1923
Dayton Triangles & Buffalo Bisons, October 12, 1924
Dayton Triangles & Buffalo Bisons, November 16, 1924


To view some of the photos of the Historical Marker Unveiling at
Triangle Park, Dayton, Ohio Saturday, April 30, 2005

1916 Dayton Triangles
1919 Team & Season Record
1920 Team Roster & Record
1928 Team Jersey
Lou Partlow
Lee Fenner
Hobby Kinderdine

Can You Identify these Game Photographs?
Dayton Triangles at the Frankford Yellow Jackets 1926 game photo

1917 U.S. Army Camp Sherman Football Team
   (Triangles: Talbott, Rupp, & Roudebush)
1919 Dayton Triangles & Season Record
1920 Dayton Triangles, Roster, & Season Record
1927 Dayton & Frankford Yellowjackets Game
1924 Stivers High School Football Team
1924 Stivers High School Basketball Team
Team Jersey

George Henry (Hobby) Kinderdine
Leland Everette (Lee) Fenner
Lou Partlow
Yale photo of Coach Nelson "Bud" Talbott
Coach Nelson "Bud" Talbott in the Army during WW I
Red Grange newspaper ad promoting the 1927 Triangles game
Red Grange & Chic Harley 1927
Norb Sacksteder Caricature: 1918

Philadelphia Inquirer Dayton Triangles - Frankford Yellow Jackets cartoon from October 9, 1927


Dayton Gym-Cadets: 1915
Dayton Triangles: 1916
Dayton Triangles: 1917

Game Programs:

Dayton Triangles vs. Minneapolis Marines, October 15, 1922
Dayton Triangles vs. New York Giants, November 29, 1925
Yellow Jackets Game Program with Triangles 1927

Related Stories of the early days of Pro Football:

Three small cities along the Ohio River had teams capable of taking on the NFL's best
The Ironton Tanks, Portsmouth Spartans and Ashland (Ky.) Armco.
Portsmouth was Involved in Green Bay's 1st Dynasty
The Portsmouth Spartans triumph over the Green Bay Packers that prevented a Packers NFL championship.
Oorang Indians: One of the First NFL Teams 
LaRue, Ohio NFL franchise line up of all native American players, including Jim Thorpe.  
Pigskin Tale May Repeat; Legendary Team Called LaRue (Ohio) Home
Oorang Indians one of the most interesting franchise the NFL ever has known. 
A Colorful Game: Names are in the Book 
Some of the more colorful nicknames of former NFL players, featuring Walter "Sneeze" Achieu, a Dayton Triangles.
Forgotten Family: the Nesser Brothers of Columbus, Ohio 
The story of the six Nesser brothers, seven for one season, and their teammates on the Columbus Panhandles.
NFL'S All-Time Team a Little Light on the Old-Times  
The case for a West Milton, Ohio NFL great to be included in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
Old Building was Home to NFL Office; Historical Value Cited as one Reason to save Broad-High Landmark
Efforts are underway to save the NFL office from 1927 until 1939, in Columbus, Ohio.
Long-lost title; For 78 years, a small town in Pennsylvania has been fighting to have its NFL championship restored.
It hasn't given up yet

Review of the Pottsville (PA) Maroons claim to the 1925 NFL title that the record books awarded to the Chicago Cardinals.
1920s Timeline: the Decade at a Glance
What else was going on in American sports in the 1920's?
NFL's 75th Anniversary 
An overview of the first 75 years of the NFL.
Happy Birthday NFL?
An account of an organizational meeting prior to the famous September 17, 1920 meeting.

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