Significance in the Formation of the NFL and Professional Football in America

The First NFL Half-time Show

On October 1, 1922, the Oorang Indians, an all native-America team with Jim Thorpe, played in their first game at Triangle Park. More than 5,000 people paid $1.75 a ticket to see the Dayton Triangles defeat the Oorang Indians 36-0.

The Oorang Indians’ owner Walter Lingo purchased the NFL franchise to publicize his Oorang breed of Airedale dogs and his Oorang Dog Kennels in LaRue, Ohio.

To Walter Lingo, the Oorang Indians team was there to play football and to help him sell his Oorang Airedales dogs. Thus, rather than rest or plan for the second half, the Oorang Indians football players were running Walter Lingo’s Oorang Airedales dogs through tricks for the halftime crowd.

Thanks to Walter Lingo, his Oorang Airedales dogs and the Oorang Indians football team – NFL’s first halftime show was in Triangle Park Dayton, Ohio.

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In addition to Pro Football Hall of Famer, Jim Thorpe (Canton Bulldogs 1920 & coach Oorang Indians 1922), playing at Triangle Park. On October 2, 1927, Harold “Red” Grange (formerly with the Chicago Bears) played the Triangles at Triangle Park as a player with the New York Yankees.