Dayton and Miami Valley Sports Trivia

What was the name of Dayton's charter member baseball team in the Negro National League?

A. Marcos  

What was the name of the baseball team that Howard "Ducky" Holmes managed? 

A. The Dayton Ducks

What are the names of the two professional Baseball Hall of Fame players who are from the Miami Valley?

A. Jesse Haines and Mike Schmidt  

How many Dayton sports writers have been inducted into the Baseball Writers Hall of Fame in Cooperstown?

A. 3 - Dayton Daily News writers; Sy Burick, Ritter Collett, and Hal McCoy.
Dayton is the only city without a major league baseball team that has that many sports writers inducted into Cooperstown.

The first Soap Box Derby race was held on what street?

A. Hilltop Avenue, in Oakwood 

When the Soap Box Derby race became official and was expanded, what street in Dayton hosted the race?

A. Burkhardt Avenue near Smithville Road

Who was the Dayton Daily News photographer who is credited with organizing the Soap Box Derby?

A. Myron E. "Scottie" Scott

What was the name of the Dayton professional football team that was one of the four charter members of the professional football league that became the National Football League (NFL).

A. Triangles

On October 3, 1920 the first game matching two teams of the football league that became the NFL was held in…?

A. Dayton at Triangle Park

In the first game matching two teams of the football league that became the NFL, who scored the first touchdown?

A. Halfback, Lou Partlow, of the Dayton Triangles

Who was the Dayton Triangles representative at league meetings and served the NFL for 21 years?

A. Carl "Scummy" Storck

Where will you find three of Orville Wright's bicycle racing medals?

A. The Bicycle Shop at Carillon Historical Park

Where can you see a three-man "Dayton Triplet" pacer racing bicycle? 

A. The Dayton Cyclery at Carillon Historical Park

Who built the "999" race car that was first raced on the Montgomery County Fairgrounds track?

A. Henry Ford

In 1904, the world record for miles covered riding a bicycle within one hour was set by "Woody" Hedspath, at…

A. the Coliseum at Fairview Park in Dayton

What was the name of the sports writer and sports entrepreneur who brought professional hockey to Dayton?

A. "Lefty" McFadden

What Daytonian is considered "the best 400 meter hurdler of all time?"

A. Edwin Moses

What Dayton High School was the first to win an Ohio State Boys' Basketball Championships and in what year?

A. Stivers High School won the first "sanctioned" State Basketball Championship in 1924, and then followed with consecutive titles in 1928-29-30.

In what year did Dunbar High School win the first Ohio High School Athletic Association Division II girl's champion?

A. 1991

In the Division II Ohio State High School Girls Championship game that Dunbar High School won, what record was set?

A. Most points scored by a winning team in a championship game -- points 73. (Both teams totaled 132 points.)  main page

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