The Story of the Dayton Triangles

The 1920 Team

The 1920 Dayton Triangles

Top (L to R)

Carl "Scummy" Storck, Harry Cutler, Eddie Davis, Chuck Winston, Francis Bacon, Guy Early, Earl Stoecklein, Eddie Sauer, William "Earl" Hauser,
Frederick "Fritz" Shackford, Lawrence "Larry" Dellinger, George Roudebush, Carl "Dutch" Thiele, Russ Hathaway, Coach Nelson "Bud" Talbott

Middle (L to R)
Chuck Helvey, Glenn Tidd, George "Hobby" Kinderdine, Al Mahrt, Louis "Lou" Partlow, Dave Reese, Norbert "Saxie" Sacksteder

Bottom (L to R)
Louis "Foose" Clark, Lee Fenner, Dick Abrell

photo courtesy of Mark Fenner


1920 Season: Won 5, Lost 2, Tied 2 *

Date Outcome Score Opponent
Oct 3 W 14-0 vs. Columbus Panhandles
Oct 10 T 0-0 vs. Cleveland Tigers
Oct 17 W 44-0 vs. Hammond Pros
Oct 24 T 20-20 vs. Canton Bulldogs
Nov 14 W 21-0 at Rock Island Independents
Nov 21 L 13-0 at Akron Pros
Nov 25 W 28-0 vs. Detroit Heralds
Nov 28 L 14-0 vs. Akron Pros
Six games into the season, the Triangles remained undefeated, with a 4-0-2 record and a non-league victory over Cincinnati,
but in the final three games lost twice to eventual league champion Akron, ending 1920 with a 5-2-2 season record (4-2-2 league record).

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