The Story of the Dayton Triangles

1916 Dayton Triangles

1916 Triangles Team Photo

Top:  A.O. Davison (Secretary - Treasurer)
Top Row:  Dellinger (T),  Stoecklein (G),  Murray (G),  Partlow (HB), Palmer (E), Clark (G)
Middle Row:  Fenner (E),  Cutler (T),  Mahrt (QB),  Sacksteder (HB),   Zimmerman (FB),  Reese (C), 
Talbot (Coach)
Bottom Row:  Dungan (E),  Zile (E),  Decker (FB)

Photo courtesy of Ken Crippen, President, Willow Grove Bills Backers. 
Photo from The Scrapbook History Of Pro Football by Richard M. Cohen, Jordan A. Deutsch, Roland T. Johnson, and David S. Neft, Bobbs-Merrill-NY, 1977.

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