The Story of the Dayton Triangles


Dayton Triangles at Chicago Cardinals
October 09, 1927
Site: Cardinal Park, Chicago
Chicago Tribune

Pass Paves Way to Touchdown

A final four-minute drive of 60 yards, which ended with a touchdown, brought the Chicago Cardinals a 7 to 0 victory over Dayton yesterday in a National Pro league football game at Cardinal Park. Until that successful drive, the Cardinals seemed about to present the visitors with an unearned scoreless tie.

There was no doubt about the Cardinals superiority over the invading eleven, but there was considerable doubt in the minds of the 3,000 fans whether the Cards ever would be able to overcome the self-imposed handicap of fumbling and poor generalship to score against the stubborn resistance of Dayton. The Cards made 14 first downs, three of which were the result of forward passes, while only twice did Dayton complete its required distance, and each by the narrowest of margins.

Britton Stars for Dayton

Dayton never threatened to score, unless Earl Briton’s miserable attempt at placekicking from the 35-yard line could be called a threat. But it was Britton, former Illini star, who was most effective in keeping the Cardinals from the scoring zone. His lengthy punts, time and again sent the ball out of danger after the Cardinals had plunged down the field. Risvold, Cardinal safety man in the first half, who just couldn’t catch Britton’s spirals, was quite an aid in Dayton’s defense, but Micky McDonnell, who essayed that role in the second half, handled them in spectacular fashion, his best effort bringing a Britton kick back 25 yards.

Ike Mahoney, Strader and Jones snagged the glory of the winning 60-yard drive. Mahoney and Strader shot off tackle and cut back for two successful first downs. Then from the Dayton 30 yard line, Jones left-handed a pass to Strader who was downed on the five-yard line.

Strader Scores Touchdown

Three times the Dayton forward wall held, but on the fourth try Strader went over his right guard for a touchdown. Weller placekicked the extra point. So close was the time margin on the Cardinal victory that after the ensuing kickoff and one Dayton forward pass, which was incompleted, the game was over.

The Cardinals ran a losing race against time at the end of the first half. Two passes, from McDonnell to Jones, put the ball on Dayton’s 15-yard line with less than 30 seconds to play. Another pass, Jones to Bucklin, gained nine yards, but this time for only one play, McDonnell was stopped on yard from the goal line on a wide end run.

Earlier in the quarter, Weller’s place kick from the 25-yard line stuck one of the goal posts and the Cards were denied three points, which would have been sufficient to win yesterday’s ball game.

Although the Cardinals punting was lacking in distance, Tays, who once ornamented the Cardinal bench, but now plays quarterback for Dayton, added to the distance gained by his reluctance to handle the ball with so many red clad linesman waiting to pin him to earth.


Scoring by periods 1 2 3 4 Final
Dayton Triangles 0 0 0 0 0
Chicago Cardinals 0 0 0 7 7
1st quarter scoring none 0-0
2nd quarter scoring none 0-0
3rd quarter scoring none 0-0
4th quarter scoring Chi TD run - Strader (Weller kick) 7-0



Cardinals Triangles
Vesser LE Joseph
Ellis LT Belanchi
Waldron LG  Graham
Springsteen Kinderldne
Brennan   RG DeWeese
Slater RT Becker
Weller RE Joseph
Jones QB Tays
Risvold   LHB Parthow
Strader RHB Sillin
Bucklin FB Britton


Chicago Subs: Chamberlin for Vesser, McDonnell for Risvold, Hummel for Waldron, Blumer for Ellis, Mahoney for McDonnell
Dayton Subs: Brown for Kinderdine, Siebert for Becker, Reiter for Fenner, Achiu for Partlow

Referee - Laurie
Umpire - Edwards
Head Linesman - Johnson

Attendance: unknown


Researcher: Roy Sye


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