The Story of the Dayton Triangles

Dayton Triangles 6
Buffalo Bisons 14

Regular Season Game: November 16, 1924
Attendance: 2,700

The game started with Abbott kicking off to Len Watters, who ran it back 20 yards. Benny Boynton added 30 yards on a double pass, and Tommy Hughitt and Pete Calac combined for another first down. Dayton held and Boynton missed a drop-kick from the 35 yard line. On the next series, a Bonowitz to Abbott pass was low, and the Bisons downed Abbott at his own 1 yard line. Huffine punted to Hughitt, who called for a free catch. Unfortunately for the visitors, they roughed Hughitt and were penalized for their actions. This gave the Bisons the ball on the Triangles 15 yard line. A Boynton to Watters pass gave the Buffalo team the first score of the game. Boynton added the placement kick extra point. The Triangles retaliated with a quick score of their own. Abbott intercepted a Boynton pass at midfield. Two runs by Al Mahrt gave the visitors a first down. Runs by Huffine, Kinderdine and Mahrt added another first down. Mahrt then ran in for the touchdown. Bonowitz’s pass was low, and Hathaway was not able to kick the extra point.  

Scoring Summary
1 2 3 4 F
Dayton Triangles 6 0 0 0 6
Buffalo Bisons 7 0 7 0 14
Time Of Periods 15 15 15 15
BUF  TD, Watters 15 Yard Pass From Boynton (Boynton Kick).

DAY  TD, Mahrt Run (Hathaway Missed Kick).

BUF  TD, Calac 2 Yard Run (Boynton Kick). 

There was no scoring in the second period, but after a punting duel in the third period, the Bisons were starting another drive toward the visitor goal line. Dayton had the ball on their own 40 yard line when Huffine fumbled and “Swede” Youngstrom picked it up and ran towards the goal. He was tackled as he was crossing the goal line, but the referee brought the ball back to the eight yard line where it was said that Youngstrom stepped out of bounds. The Buffalo drive ended on a forward pass that went over the goal line. The Triangles now had the ball on their own 20 yard line. Dayton fumbled again, this time with Huffman falling on the ball. A Boynton to Mike Traynor forward pass brought the ball to the visitor 2 yard line. The first two attempts to score netted zero gain, but the third saw Pete Calac score the touchdown with Boynton drop-kicking the extra point.

Dayton had a chance to score late in the fourth quarter. Huffine’s punt rolled to the Buffalo 2 yard line. Boynton immediately punted, but his punt only went to the Buffalo 30 yard line. Dayton then attempted a forward pass, but it went over the goal line, giving Buffalo the ball on their own 20 yard line. “Chick” Guarnieri dropped back to punt, but Frank Culver’s pass was low and Guarnieri could not get off a clean kick. Sauers broke through and covered the ball on the Buffalo 8 yard line. Watters then stopped Bacon for a two yard loss, but Bacon added five more on the next play. Huffine added three, but was injured and replaced by Partlow. Partlow then fumbled, and the ball was covered by Huffman on the 2 yard line as the final whistle blew.


Game Roster


Dayton Triangles

Buffalo Bisons














Hathaway, Partlow

Bonowitz, Tidd



Bacon, Bonowitz



B. Kinderdine, Bacon



Feist, Kraus

Collins, Ailinger





Hughitt, Boynton

Boynton, Traynor, Gregory




Arthur Powell



Head Linesman:

William G. Pennypacker III

Submitted my Ken Crippen, from his book, "The Development of Pro Football In Western New York".
All text reprinted with the permission of Ken Crippen from, "The Development Of Pro Football In Western New York"


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