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Dayton Daily News
Monday, October 30, 1922

Refusing to be cast down over their first defeat of the season Sunday when they lost to the Buffalo All-Americans by a score of 7-0 in the first game in which their goal line has been crossed this season, the Triangle football athletes were looking forward Monday to another hard tussle next Sunday when they brave the Chicago Bears in the latter's' own den.

Sunday's contest was one of the best gridiron exhibitions ever seen in this city and should have ended in a seven-to-seven tie instead of a defeat for the local club. In the second quarter, after a plucky march down the field, the Triangles shoved the oval over the visitors' line, only to have Huffine fumble it, just as it was passing over the enemy goal and what should have been a touchdown was converted into a touchback.

There was nothing of a fluke nature connected with the Buffalo victory. It came as a result of some hard, consistent football playing in the third quarter at a time when it seemed possible that neither side would be able to get a score.

Abbott punted in the third to Anderson who was flobbed on the Triangle 45-yard line. With one more play, Buffalo started the drive, which brought victory. Laid and Kuehl plunged hard and their insertions, plus a short pass of Hughitt to Youngstrom gave first down. Laid went in for five and another heave, Anderson to Hughitt put the ball on the blue and white 15-yard line. Hughitt fumbled, but recovered on the next try and Kuehl went off tackle for one. Anderson got far off to the left for a pass from Hughitt and crossed the Triangle line for the only touchdown of the game. Morrisey kicked goal. Score 7-0.

In the second quarter Huffnine recovered a Buffalo fumble on his own 32-yard line. Partlow and Huffnine plunged for 12 yards but the home team was taken back five for offside. Abbott lifted to Anderson who was downed in his tracks by Thiele n the Buffalo 14-yard chalker. Laid punted short, the ball passing out of bounds on the visitors' 18-yard line. Partlow and Huffine bore in until the Buffalo Five-yard line was reached and Huffine continued the drive to within a foot of the Buffalo goal. On the next play Huffine was given the ball and dove over, only to stop the ball. Buffalo recovered for a touchback.

There were two other times when the Triangles had a chance to score but failed. One was in the first quarter when Sies missed a try from the field from the 35-yard line and the other was in the second period when the same player fell short from the 41-yard line. Once in the third after the visitors had scored the Triangles penetrated inside their 30-yard line, but were held and could not make the needed ground to count. In the fourth the home athletes advanced to the enemy 21-yard line but were held.

It looked for a few minutes in the closing session like the Triangles might score. When on their own 35-yard line the blue and white started with a pass to Fenner that netted 20, with another to Mart putting the ball on the Buffalo 27. Huffine took one out of the air for 15 and followed with a four-yard plunge. Partlow took the same but Huffine was stopped dead on his next endeavor. On the fourth down Mart elected an overhead play, but it was incomplete behind the goal line.

The contest was featured by some fine individual performances. For Buffalo, Morrisey, Hughitt, Brace, Youngstrom, Getz, and Urban all played an excellent game while Sauer, Berns, Sies, and Kinderdine flashed in the Triangle line with Huffine and Partlow sparkling in the back field.

There is no doubt the home club suffered because of the absence of Bacon, stellar halfback who is out of the game temporarily because of water on his left knee. The dash of Bacon and his experience would unquestionably have been of help in a game as close as Sunday's contest proved to be.

The lineup and summary:

Buffalo ( 7 ) Triangles ( 0 )
Getz L.E. Thiele
Thomas L.T. Hathaway
Brace L.G. Berns
Guy C. Kinderdine
Youngstrom R.G. Sies
Morrisey R.T. Sauer
Urban R.E. Reese
Hughitt Q. Mahrt
Anderson L.H. Ullery
Kuehl R.H. Partlow
Laid F.B. Huffine

Score by periods:

Buffalo…………………………………………………. 0 0 7 0 -  7
Dayton…………………………………………………. 0 0 0 0 - 0

Buffalo: Wilson for Getz, Dieter for Brace, Getz for Wilson,
Triangles: Fenner for Reese, Abbott for Ullery, O'Niel for Partlow, Ullery for Huffine.

Buffalo; Touchdown, Anderson. Try for point, Morrisey


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