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Dayton Triangles at Buffalo All-Americans
November 27, 1921
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Buffalo Evening Times


Anderson Makes Touchdown in First Quarter and Saves Game in Final Period

The Buffalo All-Americans defeated the Dayton Triangles yesterday by one touchdown in a game fought for the most part in thick fog, 7 to 0.

Oscar Anderson, Colgate star, deserves the credit for the victory and for staving off the certainty of a tie game. He made a spectacular run through a broken field in the first quarter for the only touchdown of the game and in the last period tackled Abbott of the Dayton team a few seconds before the whistle ended the game. If he missed his mark in this play the Triangles would have scored and probably tied the game.

Three players of the present college season reinforced the Buffalo team. Oliphant wasn’t in the lineup but the two Stein brothers of 1921 fame were there-Herbert of Pittsburgh and Russell of Washington & Jefferson, and Redburn of Wesleyan.

Beck’s interference made possible the touchdown scored by Anderson in the first frame. He clipped two men in neat fashion opening a path to the goal which "Ock" covered in great time.

Outplayed Dayton

Buffalo outplayed the Triangles. They had the edge on first downs, the locals making three to the visitor’s two.

Buffalo had clear sailing through the mud for the first half. Dayton got a few lucky breaks after punts and fumbles and for the greater part of the final period were dangerously close to Buffalo’s goal line.

Tillie Voss played a classic game at end in place of Bob Nash, who is out of the fray with a broken nose. Luke Urban was as wicked as ever at the other end of the Buffalo line and often forced the Dayton backfield men around to Voss’ side of the field. Steamer Horning was in at tackle in Lou Little’s position and he made himself known to the Triangles when they came through his section of the line.

Despite the heavy smear of mud which clung to the ball Guy at center played a sterling game.

Anderson showed more than mere flashes of his early-season form, tearing off snappy runs around end at will. Pat Smith ploughed through the line as usual and Beck played a good backfield game.

Nothing but good straight football was played during the first three quarters but the final period the fireworks began.

Abbott made a ten-yard run for first down for Dayton. Anderson took the next punt and ran it back ten yards but the locals lost five on an offside penalty. Hughitt punted away. Another Buffalo penalty and two wicked forward passes tallied nine yards for Dayton but Redmond punted. Each side came in for another punt and it was just as Abbott took Hughitt’s last kick that Anderson stopped him from scoring.

Scoring-TD (Buffalo) Anderson pass (Hughitt kick)


Buffalo-Voss (le), Ward (lt), Brace (lg), Guy (c), Youngstrom (rg), Horning (rt), Urban (re),

Hughitt (qb), Anderson (lhb), Beck (rhb), Smith (fb),

Subs-O’Hearn (rhb), Sullivan (re), H. Stein (lg)

Dayton-Fenner (le), Hathaway (lt), Dellinger (lg), Kinderdine (c), Sies (rg), Sauer (rt), Reese (re), Marht (qb), Roudebush (lhb), Redmond (rhb), Partlow (fb)

Subs-Thiele (le), Abbott (qb), Sampson (lg)

Officials-Dr. Lambert (r), Extrain (u), Dell (hl)


Scoring by periods 1 2 3 4 Final
Buffalo 7 0 0 0 7
Dayton 0 0 0 0 0

        Source:  Buffalo Daily Courier, October 29, 1922
        Researcher:  Jeff Miller, Buffalo All-Americans/Bisons Historical Society

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