Stivers Athletic Hall of Fame
Dayton, Ohio


The Stivers Athletic Hall of Fame is being established in 2005 with the first class of inductees in 2006. The purpose is to recognize athletes and coaches from Stivers High School to strengthen school, community and alumni relations and to honor outstanding individuals who have contributed to sports at Stivers High School.

August 28, 2006:

The Stivers Athletic Hall of Fame Committee has elected the following:

Ex-student athletes... 

Bill Hosket '30, Gene Brown '46, Jim Morgan '53, Bob Colburn '29, Kermit Davis '43, Bill O'Neill '47, Ken Thompson '53, Gene Millard '53, Chuck Grigsby '47, Vern Woods '53, Dale Andrews '49, Jim Hanby and Bob Milthaler '51


Floyd Stahl, Harry Wilhelm, Skip LaRue, Jim Hanby and Chuck Grigsby

Qualifications for nomination are:

  1. Male or Female, any sport, any era.
  2. May be coaches or administrators.
  3. Must be of high moral standards.
  4. May be community members who have contributed to Stivers High School athletics. (Honorary award)
  5. Must be graduated or out of the athletic program for at least seven years. Coaches must have been retired from the coaching staff at least three years.

The Nominating Committee consists of eleven (11) members and the Election Committee will have fifteen (15) members. Each term is for two years. Any vacancies occurring will be appointed by the Hal of Fame Chairman. Commencing in 2006 ten members will be inducted, then six will be inducted each year there after.

Please participate in nominating a deserving athlete by calling 1-937-842-6635 for details or for a nominating form.


Only accomplishments in the high school years count, regardless of accomplishments in college, pro, etc.

Person responsible for nominations must provide verification of awards.

Only athletic accomplishments, championships, captains, etc. are considered.

The nomination committee consists of nine members with a goal of one from each decade. They will choose from a list of nominees,select ten (10), then a list of their accomplishments are mailed to the election committee consisting of fifteen (15) members. The election committee may consist of nominee members, high school booster representatives, Alumni Association representatives, former Hall of Fame Members or persons with a vested interest in sports at Stivers High School.

When we tally the votes,we will mail a congratulatory letter to the inductee, request them to verify or correct their criteria, request three (3) photographs, one for electric engraving on a 5x7 plaque, one for newspaper information and one for the printer of the program.

If you have any suggestions, please call me, Ed Tate, at -- 937-842-6635,

e-mail me at -- or

write me at -- Tate's Sporting Goods
11379 Ash Ave
Lakeview, (Indian Lake) Ohio 43331

Nominating Committee Members


  1. Ed Tate Stivers '48 Sporting Goods Owner
  2. John Pontisso Stivers '48 Retired Principal and Teacher
  3. Ralph Andrews Stivers '48 Retired Teacher
  4. Kermit Davis Stivers '44 Retired Teacher and Coach
  5. Jim Morgan Stivers '53 Retired Teacher,Coach and Thoroughbred Horse Owner and Trainer
  6. Darwin Helmbold Stivers '43 Retired Teacher and Coach
  7. Gene Seman Stivers '48 Class Chairman
  8. Joe Fanelli Stivers '43 Retired Lt. on Dayton Fire Dept.
  9. Gene Millard Stivers '53 Retired Teacher,Coach and Athletic Director- Bexley High School
  10. Sally Millard Stivers '53 Realtor and Director of Bexley H.S. Athletic Hall of Fame
  11. Larry Shadowens Stivers '57 Retired Teacher and Coach ( Not confirmed)
  12. Ann Rougier Stivers H.S. Athletic Director (Not confirmed)
  13. Open and pending


  1. Don Lange Stivers '47 Retired Physical Therapist
  2. Karl Ritz Stivers '47 Retired U.S. Army Lt. Colonel
  3. Blanche Kitchen Widow of Joe Kitchen '58
  4. Chuck Fearing Stivers '53 Former Dayton Police Officer
  5. Joe Dietrich Stivers '46 Retired Teacher

Please send any suggestions or nominations (with proof of awards) and our Nominations Committee will consider all candidates.

Ed Tate 11379 Ash Ave Lakeview, (Indian Lake) Ohio 43331 937-843-6635


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